Learning about Islam

  • Off to Hajj They Don't Go

    Adam and Aneesah are scheduled to babysit little Sarah for three whole weeks while her parents go to Hajj. They have big plans about how to spend each and every day. But a change in plans teaches them that Allah is the best of planners!

  • Adam Learns about the Provider

    Adam starts his day doing good things for everyone expecting specific things in return but learns the hard way that that's not how it works. We must keep on doing good things for Allah's sake because He is The Provider.

  • Adam Learns about the First Pillar of Islam

    A story from mama's office (and a helpful hint from Aneesah) helps Adam learn about the First Pillar of Islam in this episode of Adam's World.

  • Adam Learns Rahma

    Rahma or mercy is a very important part of Islam. Learn all about it with Adam & Aneesah.

  • Adam Learns Dhikr

    Don't know what Dhikr is? Find out with Adam in this epic journey.