Appreciating Nature

  • Stewards of the Earth

  • Adam and the Blessings of Winter

    On a very cold winter day, Adam and Aneesah decide to organize a winter coat drive at the masjid. Mama and Dad teach Adam about how Muslims can earn good deeds in the winter time.

  • Adam and the Little Ants

    Adam has some poor ants trapped in a jar and is just about to zap them with his magnifying glass and the sun when Aneesah comes to the rescue, reminding Adam of kindness to all living beings and how there's a special chapter in the Quran dedicated to the ants

  • Adam's Garden

    Adam and Aneesah are working in their garden when they learn how Dhikr grows one's Garden in Jannah.

  • Adam’s Rainy Day

    Looks like rain just keeps raining all over Adam's outdoor plans. But thanks to Aneesah, Adam learns to look at things differently, recognize the benefits of rain, and give thanks.

  • The Tornado

    Adam and Aneesah are excited about the family picnic but a tornado threatens to ruin their plans!

  • Thunder Monster

    Adam is in for a real scare as the thunder roars and the power goes out!

  • Aneesah and the Big Thunderstorm