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  • Adam Learns About the First Pillar of Islam

    A story from mama's office (and a helpful hint from Aneesah) helps Adam learn about the First Pillar of Islam in this episode of Adam's World.

  • The Little Kabab Man

    Join Adam as he tells you the story of the Little Kabab Man!

  • The Big Roadtrip

    Follow along with Adam and Aneesah on their crazy road trip to the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, USA

  • Thunder Monster

    Adam is in for a real scare as the thunder roars and the power goes out!

  • The Tornado

    Adam and Aneesah are excited about the family picnic but a tornado threatens to ruin their plans!

  • Adam’s Spring Break

    Adam and Aneesah learn about the importance of gratitude on their spring break!

  • Picture Day

    Picture Days are always interesting and Adam is excited about picture day at his school, but will everything turn out as he expects?

  • The Swamp Monster

    Adam just can't resist scaring Aneesah and it's all fun and games until the swamp monster surfaces.

  • Aneesah and the Funny Haircut

    Aneesah has just discovered the art of cutting hair and let's just say she's getting mixed reviews!

  • Red Riding Hood

    Little Red Riding Aneesah goes to meet her grandma with Adam but along comes Mr. Wolf!

  • Missing My Friends

    Adam is missing his friends. Check out how Aneesah helps out her big brother.

  • It's All About Soap!

    Do you know how soap works? Learn all about soap with Angie as she teaches Adam!

  • Time to wash our hands!

    Handwashing can help protect from against the coronavirus! Learn a fun new song from Adam and Aneesah about washing your hands!

  • Community Superheroes

    We're very excited at Adam's World to launch the brand new COVID Specials mini-series, where children can learn about the coronavirus pandemic with their pals Adam and Aneesah!

    In this episode, Adam teaches Aneesah all about how we can help take care of our families, neighbors, and friends by we...

  • Adam and the Never-ending Pot of Soup

  • Grocery Goodness

    Adam and Aneesah go grocery shopping!