New Adam's World

  • Painting with Adam and Aneesah

  • Adam and the Little Ants

    Adam has some poor ants trapped in a jar and is just about to zap them with his magnifying glass and the sun when Aneesah comes to the rescue, reminding Adam of kindness to all living beings and how there's a special chapter in the Quran dedicated to the ants

  • Adam's Garden

    Adam and Aneesah are working in their garden when they learn how Dhikr grows one's Garden in Jannah.

  • Gumshoe Adam is on the Case

    Ah, it's finally time for Adam to enjoy the delicious pizza that he baked but wait, it's gone missing! Gumshoe Adam goes looking for clues to find out just who may have stolen his pizza but ends up learning something far more valuable instead.

  • Welcome to Adam’s World

    Disappointed by others not liking the same things, Adam wishes everyone was the same but soon learns to celebrate differences and is grateful that the everyone isn't the same!

  • Aneesah’s Potty Training Adventures

    Aneesah's growing up so the family helps her ditch her diapers and use the potty. While they're at it, Aneesah also learns that Allah created us and causes us to grow up in stages, one after the other.

  • Adam Learns About The Provider

    Adam starts his day doing good things for everyone expecting specific things in return but learns the hard way that that's not how it works and that we must keep on doing good things for Allah's sake, because He is The Provider. Also featuring a great song by Br. Ilyas Mao and Adam's awesome Quin...

  • Adam’s Day of Secret Charity

    Join Adam on his day of Secret Charity as he goes about helping everyone around him without letting them know it's him.

  • Eid Mubarak, Adam!

    It's Eid time for Adam and Aneesah and they're all hyped up about it!

  • Adam’s Rainy Day

    Looks like rain just keeps raining all over Adam's outdoor plans. But thanks to Aneesah, Adam learns to look at things differently, give thanks and pray for beneficial rain

  • Adam’s New Bike

    When we're giving something away as a donation, we must always give what is best and what we would like for ourselves. Adam learns just that in this beautiful new episode of Adam's World featuring a wonderful song from brother Ilyas Mao.

  • Adam Learns About the First Pillar of Islam

    A story from mama's office (and a helpful hint from Aneesah) helps Adam learn about the First Pillar of Islam in this episode of Adam's World.

  • Adam’s First Sleepover

    Adam can't wait for the sleepover but forgets one big detail! Watch to find out what it is!

  • Adam and the Never-ending Pot of Soup

  • Adam’s Spring Break

    Adam and Aneesah learn about the importance of gratitude on their spring break!

  • Goin' Camping

    Adam is excited about going camping with dad but things don't go quite as planned! Adam and his dad spend some quality time with each other nonetheless.

  • The Perfect Eid Gift

  • Adam’s Tummy Ache

  • Aneesah Tries Something New

  • Aneesah Says Goodbye To Her Pacifier

    Aneesah finally says goodbye to her pacifier for good.

  • Adam is Thankful

    Allah gives us more when we are thankful. Adam learns how to be thankful for everything.

  • Puppet Master Chef

    Adam and Aneesah bake together for “Puppet Master Chef”

  • Adam Learns Dhikr

    Don't know what Dhikr is? Find out with Adam in this epic journey.

  • Adam Learns Responsibility

    In this short video, Adam and Aneesah learns about the importance of responsibility.